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Garden design by garden specialist

Automatic watering systems is passionate about gardens and plants.

We have been designing gardens and irrigation systems for many residential houses, commercial properties, builders and landscapers since 1996.

We understand how the plants grow, which time of the year they bloom and how to look after them, so you can expect your garden to be pretty for ever after!

This is the definite way to own the best looking garden in your street.

Popular plants and flowers in Sydney

Many well designed gardens in Sydney use plants that are popular throughout the world and some plants that are from Australia. These include Lillipillies of many varieties which do like wet feet and regular watering.

Moraya and Buxus hedges and borders look better if they have lush even growth, which is dependent on even watering.

Upright foliage plants such as Liriope and native grasses, as well as, Palms and Ferns, all do better with sprinkler systems rather than with drip irrigation.

Some plants require much less water than others and it is our specialized knowledge of these plants that allows Automatic Watering Systems to provide the best garden irrigation systems in Sydney.

Plants require only Sunlight, Nutrients and regular Watering to flourish and it is our job to provide the water. Phone David at Automatic Watering Systems now.