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Need Automatic watering systems?

Installing full irrigation system is what we are really good at. We use quality material and does neat and tidy job to make sure your garden looks nice and pretty.

We have deep knowledge in plants and we know how much water each plants need everyday.

(It is great happiness to drive pass the houses we installed the watering system and see the garden looks great after years!)

How much does the systems cost?

The cost is all depending on how big the garden is, what it looks like and what you would like to have.

As a guide, the average residential properties will cost between $2,000 for a small block, and $6,000 for large house. Commercial irrigation systems start from $5,000.

We can come to you and discuss what your garden need, what you would like and what we can do within your budget.

Contact David on 0415 533 917 for a free quote.

How long can it last?

Automatic Watering Systems believes in using irrigation industry standard materials which are designed to last a lifetime.

Our systems parts are all under warranty for 5 years. You can expect to use the systems we install for up to around 30 years.