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Need repair for your irrigation systems?

Leaking water? The irrigation system is not working properly? We can come to you, identify the problems and fix them!

Automatic Watering Systems can repair the irrigation systems both installed by us or other person.

Even if the systems does look working well, it is ideal to check with professional to see everything is in good condition especially before hot and dry summer!

Maintenance helps your water bill!

We often find leaks which have been unnoticed for several months or longer.These can add significant amounts to your water bill.

It is worthwhile having your system checked by a irrigation systems professional to identify and fix leaks and zones which are not working.

Many times we find leaks caused by other tradesmen on site, including gardeners. As all trades are working with focus only on the duties related to the job they are booked for, we find many times cut lines are buried o hide the mistake.

It only takes a few minutes per zone for us at Automatic Watering Systems to check for leaks and to see that the valve is operational.

Book us for a maintenance visit now.

How much does it cost?

We charge repair job by hour. When the problem is easily identified, most of the time, it can be done around $150 or even under $100!